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KIRRa is an artist who can be characterized as a sensitive, original and rafined person.

She has been singing ever since she can remember and she has been composing since she was 14. Her musical style is complex, she combines pop with different music genres. She sees her songs as a gift for the whole world and she wishes to share with us her own musical version.


“Energetic and melancholic, I live my life to the fullest and I’m completely in love with music. I have many dreams and some of them have already started to be fulfilled. Wherever I go the stories flow all around me and they become songs: at a caffé, when we hum together our favorite radio songs. After I wrote my first song, ‘Fredonez lalala’, I couldn’t stop and music became a constant presence in my life. I am offering you, with all of my heart, the stories from this first album and I promise I’ll never give up on my dreams. It’s great to always have a song that understands you like a real friend does, and if you haven’t found one so far, you might find one on my album.”– KIRRa

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You can listen the full album at the links below:

itunes dl

link amazon
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