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“For Her” by BogdanO

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  From my childhood I was fascinated by the guitar and I only managed to pleasantly  stroke  its magical ropes at the age of majority.

I was  initiated in this art by a special lady Petronela Baldovin (Julian‘s mother). It may seem an exaggeration but every time she interpreted I did not dare to breathe. That does not mean I  have become a virtuoso like her or her son. No! But that was the moment  I started to give free rein to the powers of inspiration. And so the years have passed … I say that it was not in vain. I have collected some compositions that only me and a few loved ones knew about.

            But a time comes when you realize that what you do is not just for you, if you have received, you must also give … After trying to stand out from the crowd, but suppressing  my own celebrity for other reasons, I said: “the easiest” way is to publish something  from what music represents to me. Obviously, this easy way simply became an adventure that began in 2008 with Adrian, the one who opened my appetite which was materialized in 2014 by Daniel who “styled” my music pieces and that is the main “guilty” with publishing my first album.

 I especially chose love as the theme because it covers all these 20 years

 from different perspectives and ages.

            “For Her” is not a project dedicated to the most beloved woman in my life exclusively but especially (the muse has the prerogative, right?). I dedicate it to all of those who love music, poetry, life, those who have the joy of being with each other, of witnessing,  to those who are married or are about to do (for instance, Raluca), all in love regardless of age, all who, in some way, were touched by the wonderful feeling of love, whether their loved one is or no longer is present in their lives.

The songs on this album have different stories, some longer, some shorter. Some come from real life, others are purely inspirational and please, believe me, a couple of them – at least their refrains appeared in my dreams. Three of them bear the lyric  imprint of the poet who enriched my adolescence with the depth and sublimity transposition of the feeling of love: Lucian Blaga. The rest of the lyrics and music are entirely mine.

            We hope from the soul you enjoy it and, because gratitude is human, now at the final project I’d love to get thanks to:

  • the one who generated unforgettable agreements and is metaphorically painted on the cover, my wife Parmena
  • my first fans –  my children Stefan, Alexandra, Marian and baby Damian – budding fan
  • my parents, Dorin Marian (violin and drums) and Maria (accordion) responsible for my genetic factors and other factors
  • my brother John for support and PhotoShop work
  • guitar teacher, distinguished lady Petronela Baldovin (Olaru) for each chord taught with passion and for all the good thoughts
  • artist and teacher Dana Ungureanu, cover concept and design
  • artist Dusan Tatalovic from Serbia – to achieve video of “For Her” song

Contributors without which this work would not be whole:

  • Adrian Gradinaru (Arty – Festivo Band) for beginning the project and for the beautiful years together
  • Daniela Cojocaru, winner of the trophy Mamaia (Acel Band – Constanta and newer bk vocals for 3SE) – voice and bk vocals
  • Stefana Pascaru – bk vocals
  • Ramona Ciofu –  oboe
  • Georgiana Aluculesei – violin
  • Ciprian Onita – guitars
  • Daniel Musetoiu – for all the “sounds” in addition to those mentioned above,  for talent, friendship and many more
  • Radu Sanduloviciu (composer) – for suggestions and feedback

I also want to express special thanks to my first sponsor Mr. Constantin Ivan for the momentum and motivation for conducting this project

And last but not least all my friends, acquaintances, fans facebook list and not only for their support and love.


Published on 08.03.2015 by BogdanO


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Album available online

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